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This is the opening page of our class.

Keep checking as we will post more as we go along together!

Okay, For those that care, want an upgrade on their score, and/or some guided review (with a bonus) here you go: Each Packet is worth 5 HW points (extra credit). It must be filled out all the way- no partial points- Hand written, NOT TYPED  Due 5/6 at the beginning of school, no exceptions.

packet 1 packet 2 packet 3 packet 4

Just for fun: The Power of your words; True beauty? ideas are beautiful; love passes by, AWESOME Let's talk!; NIGHTTIME?; What do you value?; ACTORS Look good, huh? Chris Jordan's ART imitates LIFE good


Sustainability and Business: Carpets? Seafood! Restaurants,

Population:POPCLOCK, IKEA and Population Growth, Dataset, Mr. control, Pop simulation, Pop Comp, job, world peace, religion and babies, skygreen, five, homeless in germany, typical? DAYS OF FUTURE PAST, PLANNING, Isle of flowers

Food: FOOD WASTE; Dealing with Food, what's wrong?, 11 year old Birke, bottled water 1, 2

Climate: Challenges, $50 Billion???, fox news solar READY? ICE! Change

Water: GATES Thirsty? Cleaning the rivers, WATER for the world, What happened at Prickly Pear? Romulus, Canary, H20 Harvesting, baths, treeteepee, tp2

Ecosystems: Creating a Rainforest, Mushrooms to save the world

Biodiversity: E.O. Wilson, WWF, LIONS, DINOS, camomimmicks

Recycling: Cans, mushrooms?, Recycling, bottle recycling, wipes?

Energy: LAGOON FUTURE OF ENERGY, OIl spills, biomimicry, PEAK OIL, oil endgame, Chernobyl, Nuclear Debate, world without oil, coal seam fires, LFTR1, biomimicry2, kidfusion, 50 year plan, energy storage

Chernobyl opens for tourists. forest

15 year old kid. volvo

President Obama's Speech to the National Academy of the Sciences: Green Energy!

Whitehouse release of President Obama's Goals:Administration Plans


TED ON cradle to cradle design; sustainable future; plastic poisoning and environmental racism, One idea to change the world