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Flash just in:People both young and old from all over the world are getting angry. Why?  Because generations of people before them didn't protect the biodiversity of the world around them. Unfortunately, that means that we are losing species every day!  We have beautiful places, both where you are, and across the world, that have species not yet discovered!  Students the world over are arming themselves with the world's most powerful weapon against this biodiversity loss, knowledge!  You can join them, people around the world combatting the loss of biodiversity.  Come on in and join us!!! 
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Deforestation is the most common type of habitat loss for many species.
Through habitat loss and hunting, animals like these...
The Western Lowland Gorilla
and thousands of other animals are in danger of extinction.  Only you can stop it from happening, with the help of millions of other people, one person at a time.
 Some species have already gone extinct.  You have probably already heard of the dodo and the passenger pigeon, but what about these recently extinct animals? 


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